Knowing about the mobile app pack

What are the mobile app pack? It is something the mobile apps company will let you know about. Mobile app search and app pack results are normally triggered when doing a mobile search from mobile devices in mobile app intent that is high. You should think of them to local results search. The listings tend to dominate the attention of the user as per the type of searches.

Just like local searches, the searches for mobile app can be able to reorder the traditional results, push them down completely, or ensure they integrate app listings with the traditional web results. It is possible to test your app using your desktop using a switcher agent or doing the search on your Android or iOS device.
There is some small difference between Android and iPhone mobile app results. From research, the listing for mobile apps tends to be triggered frequently, giving out more results on Android phones as compared to iOS devices.
Apart from that, iOS listing for the mobile app is normally represented. As a result, listing in traditional website form, while the listings for mobile app on Android are more integrated. Other differences come in-app submission guidelines
Differences in mobile app results
• Title: iOS app titles can easily exceed the character limit of 55-62 while Google uses the HTML app listing page as title, which is the title of the app. It causes the title and wrapping truncation just the way it happens in a traditional result. The requirements for app title tend to be shorter, meaning, the titles are shorter when it comes to mobile app listings for Android.
• Icon: iOS icons are Android, and square icons have rounded corners
• URL: The display of the listings of mobile app the URL iTunes to the App Store to be part of the search results.