Through CNC machining, the parts manufacturing process has been automated

CNC machining is a process by which parts are manufactured with computers that control machine tools. Thanks to the CNC Computer Numerical Control, the parts manufacturing process has been automated. It allows the use of instructions to control machining through a program with minimal human intervention.

This CNC technology can be applied to a wide range of operations such as machining, assembly, inspection, and sheet metal work, among others. Despite this, numerical control is used more frequently in different metal or aluminum machining processes such as turning, drilling, or milling.
Even and as a consequence of the configuration, the operations of cnc machining allow manufacturing at an accelerated pace, resulting in bulk manufacturing that is also much cheaper and more precise.
Types of machines that work with CNC
The most common CNC machines are milling machines, lathes, and grinding machines; in milling machines, machines that automatically cut materials, including ferrous materials, use a cutting spindle, which can move in various positions depths according to the instructions given by the computer.
Likewise, lathes are used as automated tools that rotate to shape the material. Generally, these types of machines are used to cut in great detail in symmetrical pieces, such as the case of cones and cylinders. They are used very frequently in the metalworking industry. In grinding machines, these machines use robust, abrasive discs to performCNC machining by abrasion in materials such as metal or plastic to obtain the desired shape.
Application areas
Due to this automated process achieved employing the CNC, the utilities cover many areas in various industries such as hydroelectric, aeronautics, rail, or wind. For example, CNC milling machines are frequently used for molding landing gears, turbines, and fuselage components.
They are also used in CNC machining centers for the manufacture of needles, crosses, frames, and other structural elements of the railway industry. In short, the CNC is one of the most important tools for machining in the railway, naval and aeronautical industries.

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