What are the basic steps of a verified Instagram account?

Every business owner should open a business account on Instagram if they are really serious about the growth of the business. if they don’t, they will do a significant disservice to his or her own business.
Instagram has gained a huge amount of popularity in a short span of life since its invention in 2010. From that time, people have embraced this photo-sharing platform wholeheartedly and utilizing it to increase their business growth.

According to researches, every month at least 1 billion new people are signing up for an Instagram account. Also, there are 500 million people who are actively using the platform per month. Thus, it makes it the greatest space and opportunity for small or big business owners.
Instagram was bought by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook right after 18 months of the launched date. With passing days, more people from across the whole world are getting interested to use this platform for its various and fancy features.
However, a business will only do well if at some point it manages to get a verification badge on its profile. Having a verified Instagram account has numerous benefits for business owners, influencers, celebrities, etc. If you are still confused about ‘how to verify your instagram account, you are in the right place.
Keep in mind that you also have the option to buyInstagram verification for your account. Let’s talk about the steps to get a verified Instagram account.
 First, visit your profile and click the top-right menu button of your profile.
 Go to the setting icon
 Click the account icon
 Tap the request verification button near it
 Fill up every information required
 Upload your id with a picture or business data
 Click send after everything is done